• Prestige Car Detailing Services in Melbourne

    Born from a passion for cars old and new, Liquid R combines an ambitious vision with real expertise. We understand what it takes to keep a car looking fresh and new, we know what is required to protect paintwork, and we offer the very best in prestige car detailing in Melbourne.

Prestige Car Detailing in Melbourne by Classic Car Lovers

Liquid R is known for providing some of the most extensive prestige car detailing services for modern cars, including hydrophobic coatings for windows, high temp wheel coatings, and paint correction – but we also specialise in prestige car care.

Prestige and classic cars require extremely specific prestige car detailing services. Thanks to our years of experience in this industry, and our access to all the right products, we can offer extensive prestige car detailing that keeps your car looking like it just rolled off the factory floor.

Car Detailing Specifically for Prestige Cars

Our team provides interior and exterior detailing. We can treat both fabric and leather surfaces inside your vehicle to protect them from damage and excessive wear. Our hydrophobic treatments ensure that spills won’t cause stains, and you won’t need to fully refurbish your seats or fittings any time soon. We even make your prestige car easier to clean.

Liquid R exterior detailing services are extensive, too. We can match precise colours of cars that have long been out of production, and repair worn, faded or damaged paintwork with love and care. We take a real interest in every single prestige car we detail and work with, and we’re committed to ensuring your car gets the full repair and detailing works it needs.

Our team can even help with the repair of wheels and alloys. Our high temp wheel and calliper coatings help protect wheels from dust and liquid, helping bring life back into old wheels on a classic car.

Our Prestige Car Detailing is More Than Just a Cut and Polish

Unlike a traditional cut and polish used to repair paintwork, we refrain from cutting out whole sections of stunning prestige cars. Instead, our experts perform a light cut to examine how deep the defects are, and how we can perform a full paint restoration without damaging the car.

We specifically target the damaged areas, match the paint precisely, and bring the paint level back up to the rest of the bodywork using a light compound. This ensures a smooth and level finish and does so without causing excessive damage to your vehicle.

We know how precious prestige cars are, and we take a real interest in preserving them as best we can.

Questions About out Prestige Car Detailing in Melbourne?

Deciding to get detailing work done on your classic car can be difficult. It’s hard to know who to trust, and how to know what work needs to be done. Thankfully, Liquid R is here to help. We are prestige car detailers in Melbourne with an outstanding track record of providing high-quality repair and detailing work on a range of prestige vehicles.

We love classic cars, and we’re committed to bringing you the best prestige car detailing work we can. So be sure to call us on 1800 985 880 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. You can also reach us via the contact form on our site, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.
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Melbourne’s Best Prestige Car Detailing

Liquid.R’s humble beginnings started with two friends who had a shared love of anything automotive carrying out backyard cosmetic and mechanical jobs. Liquid.R has since grown into a thriving team of many, but our values remain the same.And that’s offering prestige car detailing in Melbourne for other vehicle enthusiasts who share or passion for good looking, well-performing cars. With our premium car detailing service, every time you drive your car will feel like the first time. We’re confident we can give your pride and joy the care it needs to reach its full potential and have heads turning at every corner.

We have a wide variety of high-quality car detailing services on offer to meet any budget or requirement. Every set of four wheels is different but that doesn’t mean we won’t treat your car as if it was one of our own. We love nothing more than taking the utmost care and giving each vehicle that rolls into our shop the unique treatment it needs to be restored to its gleaming glory.

Looking for Prestige Car Detailers in Melbourne?

Liquid.R has captured the attention of many people in Melbourne’s automotive industry because we were born out of nothing more than the pure passion for cars. We give every car enthusiast that comes to us an unrivalled car detailing service by ensuring we use only the very best products and machinery on the market. Our facilities in Mitcham are ready to welcome the finest automobiles and carry out the finest car detailing in Melbourne.

We’re proud of our one of a kind, specialised service where we keep you fully informed on your choices. Everything from our services, packages, price ranges, and affordability is 100% transparent. We know the importance of giving you options so you can have the finish you desire and keep within your budget.

But our work doesn’t stop there. Aside from maintaining our high standards in the workshop, we love nothing more than teaching you the necessary techniques for correct and proper vehicle maintenance so that you can extend the longevity of our work.

Our highly trained and experienced team are incredibly passionate and boast working on countless vehicles; some of which are valued at over 1 million dollars. You can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands with us when you entrust Liquid.R for your prestige car detailing in Melbourne.

Contact Our Prestige Car Detailers in Melbourne Today!

There’s only one place you’ll find prestige car detailers in Melbourne and that’s Liquid.R. No other car detailer in Melbourne has countless raving reviews like, “The price for what I paid and what I received was far beyond what I expected. The 2003 Toyota Crown was returned to me as a 2018 Toyota Crown!” If you or someone you love has a vehicle that needs a bit of TLC, look no further than Liquid.R and our team of prestige car detailers. After all, nothing beats that feeling of driving a brand new car off the lot and now you can have that feeling every day!
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