• New Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

    If that’s the case, then we have got you covered! At Liquid R, we specialise in high end, bespoke car detailing and paint protection film that not only brings out the very best in your vehicle but is long lasting.

    What is it? What does it do for you?

Do You Need New Car Paint Protection You Can Rely On?

We have been servicing some of the finest vehicles in Australia for years now and have garnered the skills, technical craft and top of the range garage space to work on million dollar cars week in week out. We initially started our business out of a passion for great looking cars and have grown it into one of the leading detailing services available in the country. We are committed to giving your vehicle the protection it needs to stay looking perfect and to teaching you how to maintain it properly.

Our Custom Packages See to Your New Car’s Every Need

One of our most popular packages requested by our clients are our signature new car protection packages. These encompass everything that you could ask for in order to see to every minute detail of your vehicle and ensure that it is looking just the way it did in the showroom.

We Provide The New Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

You can reap the full benefits of:

  • Window Tint (Nano- Ceramic)
  • Exterior wash
  • Exterior Decontamination
  • Interior Decontamination
  • Interior leather and fabric protection
  • Light polish
  • Hydrophobic front windscreen coating
  • Hydrophobic rear window coating
  • High Temp Ceramic Wheel coating (Outer barrel and spokes)
  • Ceramic Coating exterior paint

Don’t Hope for The Best, Invest In Your New Car’s Protection

There is no worse feeling than arriving at your car to start your day or return home from work only to discover that your paint job has been compromised by surface scratches, a blemish or a stain that doesn’t remove easily. Even the smallest imperfections can nullify the effect your car’s detail has and leave you feeling heartbroken. The best you can do to reverse the damage is bring it into a shop and spend serious money to work on the problem, more money than you would have spent protecting the paintwork in the first place.

  • Multiple layers of ceramic coating?

    What Liquid R offers

    Standard Coating – Base coat (Popular option)

    Advanced Coating – Base and Top coat (Creating the ultimate combo with extra hydrophobic properties)

We Can Reverse New Car’s Paint Damage Caused Over Time

If you have recently taken the plunge and invested in that vehicle you’ve been dreaming of the past few months, then the best thing you can do to preserve your enjoyment of it is go one step further and make sure it doesn’t suffer from easily avoidable blemishes, chips or scratches. Liquid R is the premier service for new car paint protection in Melbourne and the only place where you can assure your vehicle will retain its magnificent finish year on year.

Get Your New Car Paint Protection in Melbourne Today!

If you are still unsure, we can deliver on our promise then why not take a look at our previous clients’ testimonials and reviews online? You can also see before and after photographs that showcase our ability to counteract the damage caused by adverse weather and improper maintenance. When you’re ready to keep your car in great condition give us a call or stop by our showroom in person. We can’t wait to bring the best out of your vehicle.
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Invest in Paint Protection for Your New Car

There is a big difference between buying a new car and almost anything else. While the family home typically gets the nod in terms of the biggest expense of most peoples’ lives, the joy of buying a car is one that true motorists and gear heads will appreciate. Cars are a uniquely personal acquisition and once you’ve finally driven the one you’ve coveted for some time off the lot, every single moment in traffic will be given extreme attention and focus.

Protect Your New Car’s Paint From the Melbourne Weather

The problem is, you can’t control the world around you, so investing in new car paint protection is a smart choice for those who want to avoid the agony of noticing a blemish on your paintwork caused by the forces of nature. While car salesmen may want to sell you a protective cover at inflated prices, those that live in Melbourne know that there is a smarter option that affords them access to an elite professional team who can deliver the ultimate paint protection for new cars.

That’s the team here at Liquid.R. Our goal is for each customer to arrive back to our showroom and feel that they are picking up their brand new car all over again. We are committed to the highest standards in terms of detailing, finishing and care. Why, because we are cut from the same cloth as you and understand what it means to trust anyone else with your precious motor.

The Ultimate Time and Money Saver

There is no denying the fact that paint protection is a good idea for those that like their car to maintain its sheen and also for those that wish to bolster the appearance of their automobile. Depending on the services that you wish to access, so many things are possible and all at relatively cost-effective prices.

There is no point in looking back and wishing that you had taken measures to protect your car from the elements when the damage has already been done. We all know that horrible feeling when damage is noticed on the paintwork for the first time, and no matter how often we try to compensate, the knowledge that we didn’t take action when we had the chance always seems to haunt.

At Liquid.R, we believe that new car paint protection is essential for Melbourne’s car enthusiasts. We offer a choice between ceramic coating and paint protection film. Depending on where you park your car and how you use will determine which of the two is most suitable.

If your car is parked outdoors in areas that are exposed to birds or falling debris from trees, then it makes sense to get paint protection. Those that drive a lot can also expect to incur more damage as a result of stone chips on the road flicking up and off the body of the car while it’s in motion.

Choose Liquid R for Your New Car’s Paint Protection

Even if you garage your car overnight or drive it irregularly, this doesn’t mean that a protective coat isn’t a worthy investment. Preparing for potential scuffs and scratches means that you are ready for whatever environment you face. What’s more, if you are short of time, then paint protection is a great way to minimise your time cleaning and keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Here at Liquid.R, our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. So, for new car paint protection that will allow you to feel like you are driving your new acquisition for the first time every day of the week, look no further than right here at Liquid.R.
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