• Car Ceramic Coating Services in Melbourne

    When it comes to keeping your vehicle looking great for as long as possible, there are a number of ways you can protect its paintwork. Frugal auto owners tend to err on the side of caution by either taking the risk of not protecting their vehicle with car detailing or by opting for the least expensive service they can find.

    What is it? What does it do for you?

What is Ceramic Car Coating?

Ceramic coating refers to a liquid polymer sealant that sticks to your cars paint, creating a layer of protection for your cars paint. Ceramic car coatings make it easy to clean your car as it creates a super hydrophobic surface that repels water and dirt.

Are You Looking for Excellent Ceramic Coating In Melbourne?

Time and again we have seen the results of such poorly thought out maintenance plans and more often than not we have been confronted with the difficult task of trying to reverse the damage that could have been avoided easily with effective car coating.

We’re Melbourne’s Leading Ceramic Car Coating Experts

At Liquid R, we strive to bring the best out of every vehicle that passes through our showroom and keep them protected and in great condition for years to come. We are passionate about cars and love nothing more than putting a smile on our client’s faces when they rediscover their automobile’s full potential.

The Benefits of Treating Your Car Exterior With Ceramic

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits inherent in ceramic car coating

  • Protects the car’s paintwork by blocking UV rays and slowing down the process of oxidation
  • Provides a shield that buffers against chemical staining such as from acid rain and prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes
  • Provides an extra protective barrier that safeguards a vehicle’s paintwork
  • Its water-repellent qualities make water to slide off the paintwork more easily allowing the owner to easily remove everyday debris like dead insects and dust through simple wiping
  • Hassle-free cleaning since the ceramic coating prevents dirt and other stains from bonding with the car’s paintwork
  • The glossy sheen adds to the appeal of the car and it can also dramatically increase its value

  • Multiple layers of ceramic coating?

    What Liquid R offers

    Standard Coating – Base coat (Popular option)

    Advanced Coating – Base and Top coat (Creating the ultimate combo with extra hydrophobic properties)

We Coat All Kinds of Cars

We work with all manner of cars whether they be sports cars, off-road vehicles, vintage cars, saloon cars, SUVs or muscle cars. There’s no vehicle we shy away from as we relish the opportunity to bring out the very best your wheels can offer. We offer a whole host of services and packages to deliver a brand new car look and feel, on the inside and on the outside. We even offer window tinting and vinyl wrapping for those who are looking for a change in their motor’s style. Whatever it is that you are hoping to get out of your car guarantee we can help. We offer very affordable rates and pricing so that you don’t have to damage your finances just to keep your vehicle looking well.

Why Not Stop by Our Showroom Today?

If you are looking for the very best ceramic car coating in Melbourne, then Liquid R is the one stop shop you need. You can book an appointment by phone, email or in person by stopping by our showroom where we can get a good luck at exactly what your vehicle needs. There are before and after photos that you can browse for yourself on our Facebook page where you can get a better idea of the level of dedicated service you will receive. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Melbourne’s Ceramic Car Coating Specialists 

There are plenty of ways that the paintwork on your car can be damaged. Fortunately, for most drivers banging into another vehicle isn’t something that they have to deal with regularly, or there would be little point in ever painting a car in the first place. The truth is that the majority of blemishes come from our environment. Something as simple as bird droppings can have a detrimental effect on paint, not to mention water contaminants that may seem harmless on first look, until they have compromised the surface.

We Provide the Best the Best Ceramic Car Coating in Melbourne

Ceramic coating is popular in Melbourne for these reasons alone, but it is also a smart choice for any car owner that wants to maintain the sheen and pristine aesthetics of a new car that has just rolled off the showroom floor. While taking care of our vehicles is something that all motoring enthusiasts may espouse, few actually relish the chance to take a sponge to it or carry out intricate work that will leave it looking it’s resplendent best. 

The good news is that the team here at Liquid.R are ready to step into the breach on your behalf and deliver sublime results that will truly astound. With state of the art facilities and equipment at our disposal, we can assure you that your car will receive a premium treatment from a team that is dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics of every car that we work on.

A Few Tips on Determining Which Ceramic Car Coating to Get

We meet plenty of customers that know exactly what they want when they arrive at our showroom, and we meet many more that want to learn about the advantages our different coating options will afford them before they make a decision.

Ceramic car coating in Melbourne is ideal for those who are driving around in a brand new car that still has that factory shine. If you are a meticulous driver and one that takes immense pride in their vehicle then the chances are that it is unlikely for your car to sustain much if any abuse. The ceramic option is the ideal choice in this regard since you probably fall into the category of drivers that actually do love to wash their car weekly, and maybe even after every drive where time permits.

With a ceramic coating, this makes your maintenance efforts that little bit easier. Washing and drying the car becomes effortless, liquids will stream off the surface and will not linger and stain, and should the birds drop anything unwanted onto the paintwork, the sacrificial layer that is in place will give you ample time to clear it away before it can do damage.

The other option is a paint protection film. This is a good choice for any car owner that drives quite a bit and more often than not gets their vehicle dirty. You may also be limited for time, which means that the days between washes may be considered lengthy. 

Choose Liquid R for Yout Car’s Ceramic Coating in Melbourne

This car coating choice affords Melbourne drivers that know their car will be exposed to more possibilities for scratches to occur and who park in urban, populated areas. The good news is you have a solution that will protect your car and enable it to self-heal.

You can check out our photo gallery here at Liquid.R to get a sense of the truly sublime work that we do. Our 5-star rating on Google and Facebook was earned by delivering to the highest of expectations and by truly delivering the very best outcome for past customers.

So, to access car ceramic coating in Melbourne that will not fail to impress, enquire about an appointment here at Liquid.R today and we’ll endeavour to have you rolling in style again very soon.
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