• Stone Chip Protection Wrap for Cars in Melbourne

    If you’ve invested a decent amount into buying your car, you probably care a lot about keeping it in pristine condition. One of the most annoying car maintenance problems motorists need to deal with is stone chips. These are caused by small pieces of debris (not necessarily actual stones) which fly off the surface of the road, usually propelled by the rear wheels of the car ahead of you and leave their permanent mark on your car.


    What is it? What does it do for you?

The Best Place to Get Stone Chip Protection Wrap in Melbourne

Sometimes the damage is superficial, and sometimes it’s more serious. Those tiny little chips of rock (or whatever may be) are moving at a high rate of velocity, so even though they don’t have much mass to them when you multiply that mass by the acceleration rate, it can add up to quite a lot of force. That is what causes the damage.

Why You should Invest in a Stone Chip Protection Wrap

The good news is that it’s an easily prevented problem, and the solution is to get (at the least) the most vulnerable areas of your car wrapped with protective film. It also matters who does the job, because professionalism counts. The best place in Melbourne to get your car wrapped is Liquid R in Mitcham.

Why We’re the Best Place to Get your Stone Chip Protection Wrap

Quite simply, we share your passion for beautiful cars, and we want to do our part to help keep them beautiful. That means you can trust us to take care of your car and to take pride in our work.

Protecting your car this way is an investment. All too often people think of investment purely in financial terms, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. In this case, we are talking about an investment in your current and future happiness. A car should be seen as more than just a way of getting around. It’s an extension of who you are, and that’s why you’ve chosen the car you have instead of something entirely different. The kind of car you drive speaks volumes about who you are.

Our Stone Chip Protection Wraps Look Great

As everyone knows, first impressions are very important in nearly every aspect of life. Keeping your car looking beautiful right from the start is definitely going to help with many future first impressions you create. We get that, and it’s just part of the reason why you can rely on us to do a perfect job every time. Another reason is, as we said earlier, we just love cars.

  • Multiple layers of ceramic coating?

    What Liquid R offers

    Standard Coating – Base coat (Popular option)

    Advanced Coating – Base and Top coat (Creating the ultimate combo with extra hydrophobic properties)

How This Wrap Provides Stone Chip Protection for All Cars

You may well be wondering how a plastic film is going to be sufficient to deflect a stone chip flying at high velocity. It’s a good question. The answer is that it’s not just any plastic, it’s very special plastic.

This protective film was developed to flexible and very hard to puncture. It is ideal for cars that does on the freeway and racetrack. To be suitable for that purpose, the product had to be highly protective and also very lightweight.

It was so successful that the plastic film began to be used for many more purposes within the military, and then eventually became available on the civilian market. Today it’s used for protecting things as diverse as mobile phone screens and aircraft exteriors. And it will do a great job of protecting your car if it is applied properly.

We are Ready to Provide Your Stone Chip Protection Car Wrap

Come to Liquid R in Mitcham, where you will get the best deals and excellent service. We are satisfied with nothing less than flawless perfection because we know your car is important to you. We are the car detailing company you can trust for stone chip protection wrap.
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Stone Chip Protection Car Wrap From Liquid.R

If you want to give your car a new lease of life, one of the best things you can do is invest in stone chip protection for cars. No one wants the appearance, and ultimately value, of their car to be decreased and this is one of the easiest things that you can do to protect the exterior. At Liquid.R, we are specialists in stone chip protection wrap in Melbourne and have wrapped thousands of cars in our many years in this industry. Our love of cars is what helps us to provide the best possible service and we know you will be delighted with the results! Find out more below about the pros of car wraps if you are not already familiar with them and exactly what this service is.

What Is a Stone Chip Protection Car Wrap?

Protection car wrap is a paint that is thin and invisible. It covers your car and helps to protect it from not just stones but also day to day paint damages.

Will It Ruin My Car Paint?

Some people have the misconception that this type of wrap will damage their car paint, however, this is not the case. One of the many pros of stone protection car wraps is that not only will it not ruin your paint, but it will actually help to protect it as it is specifically designed to preserve your car paint. Carry on reading for more benefits of wrapping your car.

The Design Pros Of Car Stone Chip Protection Wraps

Here are just some of the amazing design pros of wrapping your car:

  • You Can Customise It – As we mentioned before, car wraps were created to help protect the paintwork of your car, but a fantastic added bonus is that you can customise your wrap to make it personal to you. Make your car unique with a bright and crazy colour or opt for something more reserved – the choice is up to you! Not only that, wraps allow you to test out different colours and see what you like, which is a far more cost-effective option than getting a full car respray.
  • You Can Remove It – Don’t like the colour you have chosen for your new car wrap? Not a problem! Car wraps can be removed so you are not stuck with this colour. It is important to note, however, that this process must be done carefully and can be a slow process.

Choose Liquid R for Your Car’s Stone Chip Protection Wrap

Do you want to know more about our stone chip protection car wrap services before going ahead? That is no problem at all. Our team can be contacted Monday to Saturday by phone, email or you can even visit us in person as we are open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm weekdays and 8.30 am to 1.30 on Saturdays. Our team are experts in this area and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge on stone chip protection wrap. Don’t miss out and speak to us today!
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