• Ceramic Paint Protection for Cars in Melbourne

    If you are trying to keep your car looking the way it did when you drove it off the lot, then ceramic protection could be just what you need.
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    What is it? What does it do for you?

Do You Need Ceramic Paint Protection in Melbourne?

We have been helping motorists to protect and preserve the condition of their cars for years. We are auto enthusiasts by birth and detailing specialists by trade. At Liquid R, you can find everything that your car needs to keep it in immaculate condition and even reverse the damage incurred over time through poor maintenance.

The Best Way to Guarantee Your Vehicle’s Longevity

There is a myth that detailing and protective car treatments are entirely superficial and that the only purpose they serve is to deprive motorists of their money. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Like any other premium service, the work we do costs money, but in the long run, it saves the car owner a lot more. Proper ceramic paint protection prevents premature damages like oxidation in the car’s exterior. Without such protection, the vehicle is susceptible to surface damage and degrade badly. Within a very short period of time in the potential lifespan of a vehicle, it could be reduced to junk. We have worked on vintage cars that still look like they came off the production line only a couple of years ago. Were it not for the protective ceramic coating that was used to treat the paintwork, decades-old cars like these would not have relived its glory days and would have been scrapped years ago. Coupled with good mechanical maintenance, effective car detailing will preserve your vehicle’s condition and keep it road worthy for generations.

How Ceramic Coating Protects Your Car’s Paint

Ceramic coatings work on the molecular level by filling in the tiny pores of your paintwork and creating a completely smooth hydrophobic surface that excludes and repels water molecules. This blocks all types of foreign materials from sticking to your vehicle’s paintwork. Ceramic coating will protect your vehicle’s paint on a daily basis from unavoidable elements that naturally occur from regular road use. These elements can include surface scratches, abrasions, bird droppings, bug splatter, stone chips, UV rays, water spots, acid rain, road tar or swirl marks from continuous washing.

Unrivalled Service at Competitive Prices

A protective car treatment would make an ideal gift idea for the auto lover in your life, particularly if they’ve recently acquired a vehicle they can’t stop daydreaming about. Liquid R specialises in ceramic paint protection for cars, but we also provide a host of excellent services that put you and your vehicle first. Thinking of selling your car? We can help you to increase the value by giving it a full TLC service. After we’re done, your prospective buyers will feel like they are buying a brand new car, and you may find it difficult to part ways with it! We have packages that cater to all needs and all budgets, so you no longer have to tighten your finances in order to get a high-quality service.
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Paint protection comes in different forms, in general we provide two main types, Ceramic Coating and wax. Different coatings and wax can be used for specific applications.

Ceramic Coating your car results in easy maintenance, washing and drying exterior paintwork becomes effortless. The amount of pressure needed to clean the car is minimal, therefore keeping the shine and gloss is achieved in a trouble free manner. Liquids will tend to roll off coated surface rather than lingering on.

The coating will bond onto the paintwork of your vehicle and create a sacrificial layer against external contaminates. For example, bird droppings and water contaminates will contact the coating first and this increases the window time frame for you to clean it off before damaging the paint work.

Staying cleaner for longer periods of time. When compared to a non-coated car you will notice the difference between them. Our demo/courtesy car is coated in half which clearly shows in person.

  • Multiple layers of ceramic coating?

    What Liquid R offers

    Standard Coating – Base coat (Popular option)

    Advanced Coating – Base and Top coat (Creating the ultimate combo with extra hydrophobic properties)

The Trifecta – Base, Top coat and Ceramic wax (the extra layer of ceramic based wax will become the first line of defence in protecting the coating. This option is made for owners who really wants to pamper their vehicle.

Please keep in mind – Don’t get drawn in by offers that consists multiple layers of the same coating. This may not equate to a thicker or stronger layer. For more information please contact us.

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