Audi paint protection and car detailing packages

Like many high-end, luxury vehicles, Audi has its own exclusive colour range. Of the millions of different hues out there, Audi has locked onto just 50 for use across its entire collection, which can mean it is more difficult and expensive to touch-up or repaint your vehicle.

Liquid R shares your passion for luxury vehicles and has a range of Audi new car protection packages to help preserve and protect your asset. Keep your set of wheels looking showroom-fresh with the help of our industry experts.

Audi new car protection packages for a long-lasting finish

There are many types of products on the market these days that safeguard surfaces for months after keys land in your hand. However, we recommend our specialised ceramic coating that’s exclusively formulated for this iconic range of vehicles.

Using our Autoglym Lifeshine formulation, our experts will apply the solution with careful techniques that protect your paint job for years to come. This service, when properly applied by professionals, will also provide coverage for glass areas and even parts of the interior.

Audi car detailing you can trust

This package from the Liquid R team delivers much more than any other option can offer, with a thorough approach to cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Through this approach, we ensure every surface is tidied up, waxed, polished and cared for, all by hand and using the best and most effective materials and methods. Our team is also able to assist with other services, including scratch removal and engine bay detailing.

Experience our difference

For the ultimate solution in Audi paint protection, you can’t go past a ceramic coating, which doesn’t just cover your surface, but bonds with it for offer superior shielding against pollutants. It also offers exceptional coverage from the elements, all of which are known to cause significant damage over time.

As one of the newest forms of technology on the market, we can use this option to fill in gaps on your vehicle’s surface, providing outstanding protection for the future.

Car wraps for Melbourne drivers

The sky’s the limit with  our Audi car wraps, which involves vinyl wraps being shrunken and tightened onto the body of your car. This then gives it a completely new appearance, allowing for complete customisation.

This is often a more affordable option than a full repaint and allows for greater levels of personalisation when you’re looking for bespoke creations. Properly installing a car wrap is a delicate art, though, and our team is heavily trained in this area. As a result, we can offer an unmatched level of care and attention that ensures a flawless finish.

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No one wants to see any damage to their brand new set of wheels, no matter how small or superficial it may be. But simple road hazards like small stones, tree sap falling while you are parked, industrial and road pollution or even bird droppings do – and will – occur.

Prevention is the best cure and the team at Liquid R can provide a complete and thorough package that ensures the interior and exterior of your vehicle looks flawless for years to come.

Speak to our team about our methods so you can be assured your car is in the best possible hands.