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Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

If you are like us, then your vehicle is your pride and joy and warrants specific care and attention to keep it looking just as well as it performs. There is no better feeling than the one you get from driving a brand new car off the lot, knowing that you’ll turn heads no matter where you drive.

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Paint Protection Coating

Maintain your car with minimal effort.


Nano Ceramic Tint

Block All Harmful Rays.

Paint Protection Film

Ultimate self-healing film.

Vinyl Wrap

Transform the colour of your car.


Detailing – Interior & Exterior.

Dash Cam Installation

Dash Cam Installation.

Are You Looking for Premium Car Paint Protection in Melbourne?

However, that feeling can fade as the fresh finish wears over time. That is why we offer superb detailing services that protect your car from premature degradation and keep it looking as good as new. At Liquid R, we have been servicing Aussie automobiles for years and have enjoyed every moment of it. We are enthusiastic about great looking vehicles and have made it our ambition to deliver a high end detailing service to motorists who share in that pride.

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Save Yourself from Heartbreak with the Best Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

There is nothing more heartbreaking than damaging something that you put time, money and effort into through a simple lack of oversight. Everyday vehicles incur damage through simple road use; in unfortunate cases, an incident with stone chips or even a careless parking job can result in superficial damage that you did nothing to deserve. It can cost thousands to fix or replace the damage, however, there is a wiser method of preventative protection. Our custom paint protection services in Melbourne follow the most up to date procedures such as ceramic coating, film protection and wax coating to safeguard your paint job from harm.

We Protect Your Car’s Paint Like It’s Our Own

We offer a wide range of stellar detailing and paint protection packages in Melbourne that cover everything your car needs. We also provide window tinting, vinyl wrapping, hydrophobic window coating and interior decontamination and protection. The weather in Australia is incredible, but extensive heat and sun exposure can lead to car paint damage. We treat every four wheels that roll onto our lot like our very own and work tirelessly to restore it to its full potential. We have a service to suit every budget, so you don’t have to sweat about breaking the bank to get high quality detailing.

The Best Car Paint Protection Service in Melbourne

Your car says as much about you as the clothes that you wear and the way that you style your hair. Ask any car enthusiast and they will likely put their car among the top things that they value in their life, and among the assets they own that actually change how they feel.

You will undoubtedly spend a lot of time choosing the car that you want, perhaps saving for months or even years if it’s something a little bit more special, so why stop investing in it the moment that you take ownership?

Learn About Our Range of Car Paint Protection Methods

Car paint protection is one of the easiest ways that you can protect your car from damage year-on-year. We all know the commonly held knowledge that the moment a car drives off the lot it begins to depreciate. Well, there are plenty of ways that you can keep that immaculate motor looking and feeling like new for as long as you continue to drive and enjoy it.

At Liquid.R, we are Melbourne’s preeminent detailing company. We deliver unparalleled service to car lovers and enthusiasts that share our passion. When we started this company, we knew that the only way we could achieve the kind of finish that would truly impress us was by investing in state of the art technology and techniques.

To this day, we continue to seek new ways to enhance the high-quality, prestige range of offerings our customers can access, which has earned us the enviable reputation as the best car paint protection service in Melbourne.

Why Multiple Coatings Does Not Mean a Stronger Layer

There are plenty of car detailing services out there who make outlandish promises but unfortunately fall short of customer expectations when the car is collected after it has been worked on. There is nothing more disappointing as a car owner than to have an idealised result in mind and feel that the money you spent simply was not worth it.

Here at Liquid.R, we know that offers that lure in some car owners may include multiple layers of coatings. However, the truth is that this does not necessarily equate to a stronger or thicker layer that will protect your car any better. The perception of getting more for less is common but the good news is that with our team looking after your car, you get a personalised finish that is designed to match your budget and expectations.

Anyone that seeks out paint protection in Melbourne does so to preserve the fantastic look that their paint delivers. Our commitment to using premium products and top of the line machinery ensures that each car that we work on leaves our showroom in Mitcham, Victoria, looking its best, and equipped to deal with the pollutants and contaminants that could bring about premature deterioration.

Choose Liquid R For the Best Car Paint Protection in Melbourne

Our car paint protection options afford Melbourne motorist a choice. Whether you favour ceramic coating, or a paint protection film, our team of highly-skilled technicians will achieve a maximum protection for your car and leave you with a pristine surface that is easy to maintain.

At Liquid.R, we encourage you to check out the fantastic 5-star reviews and testimonials from past customers on our Facebook and Google pages. Countless drivers, just like you, have tapped into a world-class service that strives to achieve more for those that take motoring seriously.

To follow in their tire tracks and access the ultimate paint protection service for your car in Melbourne, simply fill in the booking enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with a suitable time and date within 24 hours.

Protect Your Car’s Paint in Melbourne at Liquid R

So, when it comes to quality paint protection in Melbourne that will last, there is only one place you need to visit. Liquid R has the detailing experience, technical know-how and the dedication to automotive beauty to bring the very best out of your vehicle. If you are uncertain about what we can do for your car, then we strongly advise you to take a look at our client testimonials and reviews on Facebook and Google. While there you can also browse through some of our before and after photos that demonstrate our ability to reverse damage such as UV overexposure and improper finish maintenance. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the lengths we go to in order to make your wheels turn heads. Do your car a favour and give us a call or drop by in person today. We promise you won’t regret it!
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